Package overview

Overview of ggdist.

ggdist-package ggdist

Visualizations of Distributions and Uncertainty

Point summaries and intervals

Calculate point summaries and intervals

point_interval() qi() ll() ul() hdi() Mode() hdci() mean_qi() median_qi() mode_qi() mean_ll() median_ll() mode_ll() mean_ul() median_ul() mode_ul() mean_hdi() median_hdi() mode_hdi() mean_hdci() median_hdci() mode_hdci()

Point and interval summaries for tidy data frames of draws from distributions


Curvewise point and interval summaries for tidy data frames of draws from distributions


Categorize values from a CDF into quantile intervals

Visualizing sample data and distribution vectors

Stats for visualizing tidy data frames of draws (e.g. sample data, draws from a bootstrap distributation, draws from a Bayesian posterior) and distribution vectors (such as distributional objects and posterior::rvar()s).


Slab + interval plots for sample data and analytical distributions (ggplot stat)


Point + multiple-interval plot (shortcut stat)


Multiple-interval plot (shortcut stat)


Slab (ridge) plot (shortcut stat)


Half-eye (density + interval) plot (shortcut stat)


Eye (violin + interval) plot (shortcut stat)


CCDF bar plot (shortcut stat)


CDF bar plot (shortcut stat)


Gradient + interval plot (shortcut stat)


Histogram + interval plot (shortcut stat)

geom_dotsinterval() geom_dots() stat_dotsinterval() stat_dots()

Automatic dotplots, dots + intervals, and quantile dotplots (ggplot geom)


Line + multiple-ribbon plot (shortcut stat)


Multiple-ribbon plot (shortcut stat)

Visualizing already-summarized data

Geoms for visualizing data that has already been summarized (e.g. into density function evaluations, points, intervals, etc).


Slab + point + interval meta-geom


Point + multiple-interval plot (shortcut geom)


Multiple-interval plot (shortcut geom)


Slab (ridge) plot (shortcut geom)

geom_dotsinterval() geom_dots() stat_dotsinterval() stat_dots()

Automatic dotplots, dots + intervals, and quantile dotplots (ggplot geom)


Line + multiple-ribbon plots (ggplot geom)


Helper functions for manipulating and visualizing analytical distributions.

parse_dist() r_dist_name()

Parse distribution specifications into columns of a data frame

dstudent_t() pstudent_t() qstudent_t() rstudent_t()

Scaled and shifted Student's t distribution

dlkjcorr_marginal() plkjcorr_marginal() qlkjcorr_marginal() rlkjcorr_marginal()

Marginal distribution of a single correlation from an LKJ distribution


Turn spec for LKJ distribution into spec for marginal LKJ distribution

GGplot scales

Scales for custom aesthetics used by ggdist geoms and stats

scale_point_colour_discrete() scale_point_color_discrete() scale_point_colour_continuous() scale_point_color_continuous() scale_point_fill_discrete() scale_point_fill_continuous() scale_point_alpha_continuous() scale_point_alpha_discrete() scale_point_size_continuous() scale_point_size_discrete() scale_interval_colour_discrete() scale_interval_color_discrete() scale_interval_colour_continuous() scale_interval_color_continuous() scale_interval_alpha_continuous() scale_interval_alpha_discrete() scale_interval_size_continuous() scale_interval_size_discrete() scale_interval_linetype_discrete() scale_interval_linetype_continuous() scale_slab_colour_discrete() scale_slab_color_discrete() scale_slab_colour_continuous() scale_slab_color_continuous() scale_slab_fill_discrete() scale_slab_fill_continuous() scale_slab_alpha_continuous() scale_slab_alpha_discrete() scale_slab_size_continuous() scale_slab_size_discrete() scale_slab_linetype_discrete() scale_slab_linetype_continuous() scale_slab_shape_discrete() scale_slab_shape_continuous() guide_colourbar2() guide_colorbar2()

Custom ggplot scales for geom_slabinterval (and derivatives)

scale_colour_ramp_continuous() scale_color_ramp_continuous() scale_colour_ramp_discrete() scale_color_ramp_discrete() scale_fill_ramp_continuous() scale_fill_ramp_discrete()

Secondary ggplot color scale that ramps from another color


Continuous colour ramp guide

scale_thickness_shared() scale_thickness_identity() thickness()

Scale for slab thickness

GGplot positions

Positions for dodging geoms and stats


Dodge overlapping objects side-to-side, preserving justification

GGplot theme

ggdist theme for ggplot2

theme_ggdist() theme_tidybayes() facet_title_horizontal() axis_titles_bottom_left() facet_title_left_horizontal() facet_title_right_horizontal()

Simple, light ggplot2 theme for ggdist and tidybayes

Dotplot layout algorithms

Algorithms used by geom_dotsinterval() for automatically determining nice-looking dotplot binwidths and laying out dots.


Dynamically select a good bin width for a dotplot


Bin data values using a dotplot algorithm

Compatibility with other packages

Functions to convert the ggdist naming scheme (for point_interval()) to and from other packages’ naming schemes.

to_broom_names() from_broom_names() to_ggmcmc_names() from_ggmcmc_names()

Translate between different tidy data frame formats for draws from distributions


Datasets used for examples and testing

RankCorr RankCorr_u_tau

Thinned subset of posterior sample from a Bayesian analysis of perception of correlation.

Deprecated functions

Deprecated functions.

ggdist-deprecated StatSampleSlabinterval stat_sample_slabinterval StatDistSlabinterval stat_dist_slabinterval stat_dist_halfeye stat_dist_eye stat_dist_ccdfinterval stat_dist_cdfinterval stat_dist_gradientinterval stat_dist_slab stat_dist_pointinterval stat_dist_interval stat_dist_lineribbon stat_dist_dotsinterval stat_dist_dots

Deprecated functions and arguments in ggdist