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ggdist is an R package that aims to make it easy to integrate popular Bayesian modeling methods into a tidy data + ggplot workflow.


ggdist is an R package that provides a flexible set of ggplot2 geoms and stats designed especially for visualizing distributions and uncertainty. It is designed for both frequentist and Bayesian uncertainty visualization, taking the view that uncertainty visualization can be unified through the perspective of distribution visualization: for frequentist models, one visualizes confidence distributions or bootstrap distributions (see vignette("freq-uncertainty-vis")); for Bayesian models, one visualizes probability distributions (see vignette("tidybayes", package = "tidybayes")).

The geom_slabinterval() / stat_slabinterval() family (see vignette("slabinterval")) makes it easy to visualize point summaries and intervals, eye plots, half-eye plots, ridge plots, CCDF bar plots, gradient plots, histograms, and more.

The geom_dotsinterval() / stat_dotsinterval() family (see vignette("dotsinterval")) makes it easy to visualize dot+interval plots, Wilkinson dotplots, beeswarm plots, and quantile dotplots.

The geom_lineribbon() / stat_lineribbon() family (see vignette("lineribbon")) makes it easy to visualize fit lines with an arbitrary number of uncertainty bands.


Maintainer: Matthew Kay

Other contributors: