Package overview

Overview of tidybayes.


Tidy Data and 'Geoms' for Bayesian Models


Models supported by tidybayes

Composing data for input to a model

Transform tidy data frames into data lists appropriate for model types like Stan and JAGS


Compose data for input into a Bayesian model

data_list() as_data_list()

Data lists for input into Bayesian models


Prefix function generator for composing dimension index columns


Generate lookup vectors for composing nested indices

Extracting posteriors

Get tidy draws or rvars of posterior distributions from objects (and helper functions for examining objects)


Get the names of the variables in a fitted Bayesian model


Decorate a model fit or sample with data types recovered from the input data

gather_draws() spread_draws()

Extract draws of variables in a Bayesian model fit into a tidy data format


Get a sample of posterior draws from a model as a tibble


Extract a tidy data frame of draws of posterior distributions of "estimated marginal means" (emmeans/lsmeans) from a Bayesian model fit.

ungather_draws() unspread_draws()

Turn tidy data frames of variables from a Bayesian model back into untidy data

gather_rvars() spread_rvars()

Extract draws from a Bayesian model into tidy data frames of random variables

nest_rvars() unnest_rvars()

Nest and unnest rvar columns in data frames


Summaries of draws in grouped_df objects

Extracting fits, predictions, and residuals

Get tidy draws or rvars from transformed linear predictors (“fits”), posterior predictions, or residuals


Deprecated functions, arguments, and column names in tidybayes

add_epred_draws() epred_draws() add_linpred_draws() linpred_draws() add_predicted_draws() predicted_draws() add_residual_draws() residual_draws()

Add draws from the posterior fit, predictions, or residuals of a model to a data frame


Add draws to a data frame in tidy format

add_epred_rvars() epred_rvars() add_linpred_rvars() linpred_rvars() add_predicted_rvars() predicted_rvars()

Add rvars for the linear predictor, posterior expectation, posterior predictive, or residuals of a model to a data frame

Manipulating tidy data frames of draws

Convenience functions for common data manipulation tasks with tidy data frames of draws


Sample draws from a tidy-format data frame of draws


Compare the value of draws of some variable from a Bayesian model for different levels of a factor


Use emmeans contrast methods with compare_levels


Gather variables from a tidy data frame of draws from variables into a single column


Gather pairwise combinations of values from key/value columns in a long-format data frame


Objects exported from other packages


Combine the chain and iteration columns of tidy data frames of draws

density_bins() histogram_bins()

Density bins and histogram bins as data frames

Point summaries, intervals, geoms, and stats

For the point_interval family (median_qi, etc) and various geoms and stats for visualizing posteriors, see the ggdist documentation

Deprecated functions

Deprecated functions


Deprecated functions, arguments, and column names in tidybayes

predict_curve() predict_curve_density()

Deprecated: Prediction curves for arbitrary functions of posteriors