tidybayes is an R package that aims to make it easy to integrate popular Bayesian modeling methods into a tidy data + ggplot workflow.


Tidy data frames (one observation per row) are particularly convenient for use in a variety of R data manipulation and visualization packages (Wickham 2014). However, when using Bayesian modeling functions like JAGS or Stan in R, we often have to translate this data into a form the model understands, and then after running the model, translate the resulting sample (or predictions) into a more tidy format for use with other R functions. tidybayes aims to simplify these two common (often tedious) operations. It also provides a variety of ggplot geometries aimed at making the visualization of model output easier.

For a comprehensive overview of the package, see vignette("tidybayes"). For overviews aimed at the rstanarm and brms packages, see vignette("tidy-rstanarm") and vignette("tidy-brms"). For an overview of the majority of geoms in the ggdist/tidybayes family, see vignette("slabinterval", package = "ggdist").

For a list of supported models, see tidybayes-models.


Wickham, Hadley. (2014). Tidy data. Journal of Statistical Software, 59(10), 1-23. doi: 10.18637/jss.v059.i10 .