Extracting posteriors

Get tidy draws of posterior distributions from models

tidy_draws(<map>) tidy_draws(<quap>) tidy_draws(<map2stan>) tidy_draws(<ulam>)

Get a sample of posterior draws from quap and map models as a tibble

Extracting fits and predictions

Get tidy draws from transformed linear predictors (“fits”) or posterior predictions

linpred_draws(<ulam>) linpred_draws(<quap>) linpred_draws(<map>) linpred_draws(<map2stan>)

Add draws from the posterior link-level predictor of a rethinking model to a data frame

predicted_draws(<ulam>) predicted_draws(<quap>) predicted_draws(<map>) predicted_draws(<map2stan>)

Add draws from the posterior predictive of a rethinking model to a data frame

Deprecated functions

Deprecated functions


Deprecated functions, arguments, and column names in tidybayes