Matthew Kay, Northwestern University,

This package extends the tidybayes R package to support models from Richard McElreath’s rethinking package.


tidybayes.rethinking is separate from the core tidybayes package because rethinking is not currently available on CRAN. Thus, tidybayes.rethinking is also not available on CRAN.

You can install tidybayes.rethinking from Github:

install.packages("devtools")     # only necessary if you don't have devtools already


See the tidy-rethinking vignette for rethinking-specific examples, or check out the tidybayes documentation for more general examples of tidybayes usage.

Feedback and issues

I welcome feedback, suggestions, and issues! If you have found a bug in the rethinking-specific version of functions, please file it on the tidybayes.rethinking github with minimal code to reproduce the issue. For general tidybayes issues, please file bugs on the tidybayes github. If you’re not sure which it falls under, file it on one or the other and I will redirect the issue if necessary.

Citing tidybayes

Matthew Kay (2021). tidybayes: Tidy Data and Geoms for Bayesian Models. R package version 3.0.0, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1308151.